Monday, January 28, 2013

Experiencing Ecuador: Time With My Angels

It has been a while since I've written about my trip to Ecuador, but with my trip to Colombia in just over 2 months, I thought I should share more-and the best part-of my Ecuador trip.

When we got our itineraries we were pleasantly surprised that we would have extra time with our sponsored children! Not only would we spend all day Tuesday with them, we also got a dinner party Monday night with them as well! AND on top of that excitement, my Aida's center was on the list for our group to visit, meaning even more time to visit! 

Aida and her mother

Even though our group was visiting EC594 for the Child Survival Program (Mother/baby), Aida and her mother were invited to come.  Aida was shy at first, but informed me (in front of her mother) that she wanted to come live with me in Indiana. She opened up a little more each time I saw her.  

First meeting with Dayana and Aida together

When the girls arrived at the dinner party we were able to chat and dance.  This time together broke the ice and got out a lot of our jitters. We had our faces painted and enjoyed just being together.

Dinner Party fun 

Tuesday morning we loaded our buses to meet the children and their families at a Family Fun Complex.  We had fun swimming, boating, and bouncing in the bounce houses.

We had some cuddle time at the complex. The girls and their mothers had me in tears by their sweetness and gratitude.  I can't explain in words how it makes me feel to know how loved these girls are by their mothers and how much they love me.

Dayana, Aida, their mothers, and I

 Saying goodbye was so hard. I hope that some day I will be able to return and spend more time with these 2 amazing girls.  Dayana and Aida will forever have a special place in my life!