Sunday, February 24, 2013

Experiencing Ecuador: Sight Seeing

It only took me 6 months to get to this post.  My final day in Ecuador. 
(6 months ago today I met my Aida for the first time) 
We spent our last day eating breakfast with a group of LDP students and sightseeing in Quito.  It was a chance for us to just relax and enjoy seeing the country and reflect on all that had happened during our time in Ecuador.

We had a chance to visit several sights including the presidential palace and the virgin statue.

Presidential Palace

Virgin Statue

We ate lunch near the statue and had a marvelous view overlooking the entire city of Quito.

We shopped in the local market and met some of the many street vendors of the city.

This little girl was just the cutest thing EVER!

The Fun Group! (half of our entire group)

Our final surprise was the chance to sample some of the local cuisine.  

Yes, that is guinea pig...

Ecuador is such a beautiful country with beautiful people!  I met some amazing new friends both from here and from there.  I hope to some day be able return to Ecuador and spend more time my girls and all the amazing people there.  God blessed us so much on this trip and I have been forever changed by this experience.