Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Waiting for Sponsors

Along with all my advocate information, today I received 2 child information packets.

Meet Dipika from Bangladesh:

She is 7 years old and lives with her father and mother.  Her father sometimes works as a laborer and her mother maintains the home.  There are 3 children in her family.  She enjoys playing with dolls and has been waiting 10 months for a sponsor!

Meet Clement From Burkina Faso:

He is 4 years old and live with his father and mother.  His father and mother sometimes work as farmers.  There are 5 children in his family.  He is not currently attending school but he enjoys soccer and group games!  He also lives in an AIDS-affected area.

If you are interested in sponsoring one of these precious little ones comment below or email me at lovefortheleastofthese@gmail.com.  I have until July 20th to find sponsors for Dipika & Clement!

***I was unable to find sponsors for either child.  I pray they will find the sponsor God has for them soon!***

Beginning my Advocate Journey

Wow, It's official.  I'm a Compassion Child Advocate.  It has been a long journey, but I've finally made it and I am excited to begin.  I received my Advocate information packet today. Everything is a bit overwhelming, but I'm thrilled to be able to speak up to release children from poverty in Jesus' name!  I have been inspired by other great advocates and am honored to be among them!  My first volunteer opportunity will be in a little over a week, I can't wait to be a part of such a great organization.  I will be posting information on children who need sponsors, don't hesitate to contact me if you  feel the call to sponsor! 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Unexpected Angel

For a while I've known I could take on another child.  I haven't felt drawn to any on the Compassion International website so I figured God was saving a child for me for my trip or Ecuador until I saw the face of 5 year old Yeily from Honduras, posted by my friend, a Compassion advocate.  I felt so drawn to her, but another sponsor had already decided to sponsor her.  Shortly afterward, she posted 7 more girls from the same Honduran student center. Dayana just took my heart away.  I told her, some children tug on your heart and some just steal it, well this little angel was a thief!

Dayana Lizeth is 5 years old and lives with her mother and sisters.  She runs errands, takes care of animals, and carries water at home.  She enjoys playing with dolls, playing house, singing, and ball games.  I cannot wait to get to know this beautiful little angel!  I will also have to work to keep my 2 Dayanas straight!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Two for One: Correspondents

After adding Sara as a correspondent, I requested two more correspondent children.  November of 2011 I received both at one time.

Ayushi is 8 years old from India.  Her father is an evangelist and her mother is a counselor at the project.  She has one sister and writes to me in English.  Her letters are very sweet, I look forward to getting to know her more!

Yoppi is 16 years old from Indonesia.  He is in vocational school and lives with his parents and two sisters.  Yoppi is a challenge to me as I'm am more familiar with writing to girls, but I hope as I get to know him better, writing will get easier. Any advice would be appreciated!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Red Heart

In October 2011, a Group of Compassion bloggers took a trip to Ecuador.  Shortly before the trip, the Compassion International website had an influx of Red Heart children (waiting more than 6months) from Ecuador.  I felt a burden for those beautiful children and felt called to sponsor my third child.  The problem: choosing just one! I felt drawn more toward a child with a non-traditional family and had narrowed it down to Emily, Fiorella, Aida, and Annett. I then narrowed down to Fiorella and Emily, but ended up adding Aida back into the mix.  After much prayer and agonizing thought, I selected my sweet little one from Esmeraldas, Ecuador.

Aida was five years old and lives with her mother and four siblings.  I love getting letters from her and her mother.  Her mother wrote: "Aida looks forward to getting to know you personally one day, pray with me that this will happen."  I am beyond excited and blessed to be able to visit them this coming August! I cannot wait to hug this sweet little girl!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Jumping In: Corresponding with Sara

After sponsoring two beautiful little girls, inside and out, I just could not get enough of them.  I heard about Compassion's correspondent program for children whose sponsors do not write to them.  I signed up to add a child from Colombia or Ecuador (since my other girls are there).  I was prepared to wait several weeks, however, less than two weeks later, Sara was assigned as my first correspondent.

Sara was 9 years old from Colombia and has been a great blessing to me. Her letters have been so sweet and full of love!  I can't help but think that her financial sponsor is missing out on getting to know such an amazing little girl! However, there loss in this case, is my gain!