Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Red Heart

In October 2011, a Group of Compassion bloggers took a trip to Ecuador.  Shortly before the trip, the Compassion International website had an influx of Red Heart children (waiting more than 6months) from Ecuador.  I felt a burden for those beautiful children and felt called to sponsor my third child.  The problem: choosing just one! I felt drawn more toward a child with a non-traditional family and had narrowed it down to Emily, Fiorella, Aida, and Annett. I then narrowed down to Fiorella and Emily, but ended up adding Aida back into the mix.  After much prayer and agonizing thought, I selected my sweet little one from Esmeraldas, Ecuador.

Aida was five years old and lives with her mother and four siblings.  I love getting letters from her and her mother.  Her mother wrote: "Aida looks forward to getting to know you personally one day, pray with me that this will happen."  I am beyond excited and blessed to be able to visit them this coming August! I cannot wait to hug this sweet little girl!