Sunday, November 9, 2014

But for a Moment...

I recently took a trip to Colombia to visit my four Compassion girls there.  I have been home for a month and finally have an organized thought.  I was struck by something that has been a reoccurring event on each of my trips.  On each and every trip that I have taken with Compassion International, I have had a "Moment."  This one little moment where the whole world stands still. A moment where I could hear a pin-drop if there was one.  A moment that I feel God speak to me in a nearly audible voice.  And every time, that moment tells me, "This is what it's all about."  

Each moment came with a child and at time that I least expected.  

In Ecuador 2012, my "Moment" came with Aida.  As we played in the pool, I heard a tiny squeal of delight, which bubbled into laughter. The world stopped for just a moment, "This is what it's all about."

In Colombia 2013, my "Moment" was with Daniela. We were all riding on the elephant ride and as we went round and round, I heard a sweet little giggle and tears began to stream down my face. The world paused and there was only that giggle, "This is what it's all about, this is why I am here."

In Honduras 2013, my "Moment" was with Heidy.  Heidy was the quietest of my three girls. There was a moment when she came sliding down a water slide with a light in her eyes and such a genuine smile on her face. "This is what it's all about. SHE needed this." But in truth, I needed that...

In my most recent trip to Colombia, my "Moment" came at such an unexpected time.  While swimming in the ocean with three of my four girls, there was a lot of noise, commotion, and waves. We were unable to go to the aquarium so we returned to the sea to swim some more.  As I sat on a rock, taking in the waves and watching my girls play, I heard Valery say, "Madrina, watch me. Madrina, count how long I can hold my breath under water.  Madrina, watch me do this. Madrina, watch me do this, then do it with Daniela. Madrina, watch this..." and on and on and on.  I felt everything go still, the tears threatened to spill, and I couldn't help but think, "I will NEVER EVER get tired of hearing that. This is what it's all about."  In the mass chaos of a "Fun Day" with four girls, I needed that.  I needed to feel what I already knew in my heart.  I have no doubt that God chose each of these girls for me, and He has blessed us all.  

These "Moments" are so special to me. They will forever be etched on my heart as proof that sponsorship does make a difference.  Not only does it touch the lives of children all over the world, but it touches my heart.  There is nothing in this world like the love and joy of a child.

Thank you, Dear Lord, for these special moments where the world holds still, and but for a moment, I can not only see, but feel Your love through the love and delight of a child. Amen.