Friday, May 17, 2013

That Certain Sparkle

I can't believe I've been home from Colombia for over a month now, it seems like just yesterday I was there with my girls.  I already shared about meeting tiny Daniela, but I didn't just meet her, I meet 2 beautiful girls.  I was so nervous, my roommate could certainly tell you that! I worried if they would get along, would they be shy? Would they like me?  Will they have fun? Will they like the gifts I brought them?  I've been through this before and had an idea of what to expect, yet it's a whole new ball game when different children are involved.  I was sure Sara would be loving and clingy and thought Daniela might be a bit shy. They ended up the exact opposite! Daniela would hold my hand and be very huggy while Sara was a bit more quiet and reserved, yet she had a certain sparkle in her eyes that spoke more loudly than words.

Sara was a beautiful girl blossoming into a young lady. The light in her eyes just held me in awe! Her photos were very stark compared to the beautiful girl I saw. And she was incredibly tall! Her smile could light up a room.  That sparkle in her eyes made me smile and just want to laugh out loud with joy!

I often wondered throughout the day what was going through Sara's mind.  She seemed to enjoy the rides and attractions, yet seemed a little caught between childhood and adulthood. The time we spent look through the letters I sent her, her family photos, and the gifts I had brought was the time I felt most connected to my Sara.  That sparkle was the most evident when she spoke of her family and the letters we share. She also loved the gifts that I had made. 

Saying good bye was very hard. I was emotional, of course, but hearing them both sniffle and see them wipe their eyes touched my heart to the core.  These girls are my life. I will NEVER forget the smiles, the laughter, the tears, and especially that beautiful sparkle.