Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Unexpected Angel

For a while I've known I could take on another child.  I haven't felt drawn to any on the Compassion International website so I figured God was saving a child for me for my trip or Ecuador until I saw the face of 5 year old Yeily from Honduras, posted by my friend, a Compassion advocate.  I felt so drawn to her, but another sponsor had already decided to sponsor her.  Shortly afterward, she posted 7 more girls from the same Honduran student center. Dayana just took my heart away.  I told her, some children tug on your heart and some just steal it, well this little angel was a thief!

Dayana Lizeth is 5 years old and lives with her mother and sisters.  She runs errands, takes care of animals, and carries water at home.  She enjoys playing with dolls, playing house, singing, and ball games.  I cannot wait to get to know this beautiful little angel!  I will also have to work to keep my 2 Dayanas straight!