Friday, October 5, 2012

Major Mail Day!!!

Today I received 3 beautiful letters from 3 beautiful young ladies! 

Aida, Ecuador, Age 6

I had the privilege of meeting Aida last month in Ecuador.  This letter was written before I met her.

Dear Brandilyn,

I greet you with the love of God hoping you are healthy and doing well.  I thank you for the letter.  This is the first letter I write. (her mother has been writing for her) I am doing great at school.  I am happy and I have new friends and I play a lot with them.  I thank you for your drawings and the stickers.  Please keep praying for me and for my family.  We'll be praying for you and your family.  I say goodbye with the love of God.


Daniela, Colombia, age 7

Daniela is the first child I sponsored. She recently began writing her letters on her own. I hope to meet her next November!

Dear Brandilyn,

Hello, God Bless you

My favorite color is: Pink
My favorite friend is: Sofia
My favorite school class is: math
My favorite hero is: God

Madrina, I would like to know: How is your family?  Have you had a beautiful experience with the Lord in these past couple of months?  Madrina, I thank you for writing me, caring for me, and giving me a place in your heart.  I ask God to guard and greatly bless you.

Request and/or something to tell your sponsor/verse:
Madrina, I want you to pray for me and my family.  I want to share this verse with you: Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God. Philippians 1:3.

With Love,

Dayana, Ecuador, age 11

I also had the privilege of meeting Dayana last month in Ecuador.  This letter was written before I met her. She also included 2 new photos of herself for me! (can't get one of them to load)

Dear Brandilyn:

I am grateful for the card you sent me and you came in a good moment because I was sad but now my heart is happy to know we are the best friends.  I appreciate it.  The puppies are also my favorite.  I appreciate your concern for me and I am feeling better thanks to God's blessing.  How is your family?  What sport do you like?  How is the weather out there?  The is the last line and I want to say good bye.  Blessings.

With love,

Dayana at a dance celebration for her school's anniversary.