Saturday, September 29, 2012

Will You Say 'Yes'?

Hello, my name is Daly.  I live in the beautiful country of Ecuador.  I'm 5 years old and live with my parents and siblings in the mountains near Riobamba.  I guess if you're looking at my picture, you're probably considering becoming my new sponsor.  What can I do to help you say 'yes'?  Can I tell you that my family only makes about $150.00 a month?  Can I tell you that malnutrition and parasites are big health problems where I live?  Can I tell you I like to play with dolls but don't have one of my own?  Will those things help you say 'yes'?  Would it help if I said that I love going to the Hogar Feliz student center?  Would it help if I told you I am getting help with my school work? I am in kindergarten, you know. Would it make a difference if I said I am able to get a good healthy meal at the center?  Would it matter if told you I can get medical screening and help if I need it? Would you say 'yes' if I told you that I am learning a lot about Jesus and what He did for me to save me from my own sin?  What do you need to make that decision?  What do you need to know in order to love me?

Daly is a real child in need of a sponsor.  She has been on my heart and while these are only words I believe she would say, they are just that-words. Daly needs action.  She needs someone to love her and give her hope of a brighter future.  I have been to Ecuador and the children there are simply amazing.  Will you pray about becoming a sponsor for Daly or a child like her? You CAN make a difference.