Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Child After my own Heart

In August of 2011, I felt led to sponsor a second child.  This time I was looking for a girl with above average school performance, preferably Spanish-speaking and from a large family.  There were very few that fit the category, but I found one that I knew was supposed to be "mine."

This is Dayana in Ecuador, she was 10 years old, above average in school, enjoys reading (I'm an avid reader) and lives with her parents and four siblings. Funny irony-I got a letter from her this week admitting she actually does not like to read. Something got mixed up somewhere, but the poor girl had to read all my ramblings about liking to read! 

Over the past nine months, this amazing 11 year old has completely stolen my heart.  She has so much compassion, wisdom, and inspiration beyond her years.  I have been so extremely blessed by this amazing young lady.  I have the awesome privilege of meeting her in August when I take a trip with Compassion International Sponsors to Ecuador.  I cannot wait to give this wonderful young lady a hug!


  1. I love seeing Dayana's pictures - she has really grown! Her letters are so full of wisdom. I think you will have a really special visit with her. How are you going to tell your two Dayanas apart? :-)

  2. I know, this Dayana just amazes me with every letter! I cannot wait to spend time with her!
    I'm gonna have to add and E or and H to their names! lol