Sunday, March 10, 2013

SOOOO Worth the Wait!

Last summer, after sponsoring my little Dayana in Honduras, I felt drawn to Honduras and requested a correspondent from Honduras.  Well, several months went by and I gave up that I would ever be paired with a little girl from Honduras.  Out of the blue, I received a call from Compassion saying they didn't have any girls in Honduras needing correspondents so they wondered if I would open up my criteria and correspond with a child in another country.  I called and said absolutely! Feeling this was God's way of saying He had another child in mind for me.  The night after I called Compassion, I found a new face on my account.  Five year old Laura from--you guessed it, HONDURAS--was standing there smiling at me.  I love the irony of the whole situation! :) 

Laura (June 2012)

Since September 28th, I have been waiting (relatively impatiently) to receive Laura's first letter. FINALLY, this week I received it written by her mother, but clearly in Laura's words.  Such a sweet little angel! It was definitely worth the wait! I cannot wait to hug her when I visit Honduras in August!

Dear Brandilyn,

I am Laura's mother writing you, I wish the divine Lord keep you enjoying very good health and also thank you for sponsoring my daughter.  She tells you that she and I are happy to know that there is someone very special in her life, that is you.  She tells you that she already came out from kindergarten and now she goes to first grade, she says that she likes to sing, draw, paint, sing, and listen to Bible stories, she said that she likes the one about Jonah, she says that she likes to attend the project and they gave her a tooth brush, she tells you that she went to a medical check up and she is in good health, thanks to God.  She says that she enjoys yummy meals.  She said that when she comes to the project she got some flowers that she brings her teacher Lourdes, she tells you that at home she likes to watch television and play dolls, she says that before going to bed she prays for you.  She has a prayer request, help us pray for our family.  She wants to ask you some questions, where do you live?  Does it snow there?  Where do you work at?  She would like to get it letter from you and also a picture to get to know you.  She says that she and her entire family wish you a special Christmas surrounded by love and peace and also prosperity.  We say goodbye with a strong hug.  May God Bless you. With Love.

-Josefa Hernadez (Laura's mom)

The letter was dated December 20th.  I have sent several letters and photos in the mean time :)