Saturday, June 8, 2013

Mai Oh Mai Oh Mai!

One of my most memorable moments from my trip to Colombia happened at the project CO341-CDI Sonrisa.  We were divided into 3 groups to visit 3 classrooms in the center to spend time with the children in smaller groups.  I had been "elected" to choose items to take to our room to do activities with the kids.  I has NO idea what to choose, but I am thankful God helped me choose the materials I did.  After sing some songs with our group of children (ages 9-14) we settled in for a time of drawing, chatting, and bonding together.

John and the tutor teaching song to the children and to us.

Kathy surrounded by curious children trying to decide what to draw.

My table of kids and the drawings they gave me :)

One of the sponsors suggested that the children draw picture of their families.  Some children took to that idea, while others chose to draw other things.  This is where Mai comes in (pronounced "My"-now the title clicks, right?).  

Me and Mai

Mai drew a lovely picture of his family.  When asked to describe each member he pointed out his mother, his siblings, and himself.  Notably, a father was missing from this picture.  When one of the sponsors asked if his father lived in his home, he pointed at an angel in the corner labeled "Dios" and said, "God is my father."  I wanted to cry right then and there.  This little guy doesn't have a father figure here on earth, but he knows who God is and claims him for his very own.  He touched the heart of this "madrina" at that moment almost as if he were my own sponsored child! 

When we went to leave, Mai prayed for our group and specifically mentioned one of the ladies in his prayer and how thankful he was for her coming.  She didn't have a sponsored child on this trip, but I'm sure at that moment she felt as if she did.  This is one little guy I will NEVER forget! 

Mai Oh Mai Oh Mai...what a beautiful child!